Growing Cut Flowers

Having a beautiful bouquet of cut flowers can make any room like a garden. Since the pandemic started, people became busy growing plants at home especially flowering plants through gardening. Many flowers tend to fade and wilt quickly when cut and put in vases. The first thing to do is to know which varieties are the best for you to grow for long-lasting cut flowers. These are some of the plenty cut flowers that you can plant and grow at home.

Bird of Paradise

This is a tropical plant that needs a lot of warmth and sunshine. This flowering plant can grow indoors as a houseplant or grown outdoors in a frost-free place. When placed indoors, they need daytime temperatures at around 66-70 degrees Fahrenheit and at least 50 degrees at nighttime. This will last in a flower vase for 7-14 days when cut fresh.


Carnations are one of the longest cut flowers that will last for 7 up to 21 days. These flowers are easy to grow from a seed and the fragrance is wonderful clove-like. They are normally thought to have pink, white, and red colors but horticulturists continue to grow and develop varieties having different hues.


Lavender is a fresh-cut flower to add to your bouquet. If you will arrange lavender stems without putting water inside the vase, it will dry on its own and indefinitely extend its vase life. Its strong fragrance will intensify when it dries. When you are going to arrange these in a vase that is filled with water, remove all the leaves below the water level for them not to be decay. If they are cut fresh and put in water, lavender will last up to 10 days.


The list of cut flowers will not be complete without the presence of roses. Growing roses for cut flowers need more work than having them grow as garden shrubs but the results are of course worth the wait and effort. Carefully choose the varieties of roses to make sure you will grow the longest stem and nicest form. You can try delightful trailing rose water collection or the hybrid tea rose which is breeders’ choice pink for hanging baskets. For informal groups of flowers, grow repeat-flowering floribunda roses for a more relaxed feel to your bouquet and have a longer cutting period. Roses that are grown as cut flowers need heavy feeding to have the best results.

Growing cut flowers at your place or simply at home is easy if you select the right plants. You do not need to set aside a special space in your garden as you can simply grow these plants in used bug containers outside on your back door or just simply mix them among your herbaceous borders. To keep them blooming after you put them in a vase, keep cut flowers out of direct sunlight and also change the water every other day and have a fresh cut each time you will change the water. Keep on planting and growing more flowering plants to bring color and beauty to your home.